My Avatar – All About Me

untitledHi this is my new avatar. I made it on Portrait Illustration Maker. This is also my all about me.


I’m Kelly online. Btw, that is not my real name. I am 11 years old and my birthday is in July. And I am Juif (Jewish)  and I can speak a little Hebrew. I can also speak French and English. Continue reading

Its Time To Sleep… I Mean Learn!!!!

Do you ever get that feeling that your lessoning so well that you just dose off in to a great big sleep while the teacher is speaking? Because it happens to me a lot when we are in French class or math or history and sometimes science.

I get distracted and start to think about when I get home what I’m going to do. Like eat ice cream and watch my favorite TV shows like the Disney channel. But your teacher has to ruin the fun by asking “oh Kelly are you listening to me?” and then you have to answer yes but you weren’t!

Almost every day that happens to me but sort of in a good way because then I wouldn’t have had to listen to some boring conversation in class.

Bad Kitty Drawn To Trouble!!!!

Bad Kitty is making me go crazy. My parents tell me its a book for little kids but I don’t care. If it can make an 11 years old laugh then that means it can probably make someone older than me laugh to. I always go to Indigo to get my books and I keep going back to see if their are new ones but their isn’t any. Eder way I’m still going to keep reading Bad Kitty books because that’s what I love even if it is for little kids. And I’m not embarrassed of it.

Bad Kitty Drawn To Trouble is one of my favorite Bad Kitty books. You know why, its because it shows me how to draw Bad Kitty. I’ve drawn her twice. One time just for fun and the author for a Valentines day card to my parents. They really liked it. One of the reasons why I like Bad Kitty is because she reminds me of myself and how easily I get mad when it comes to my brothers and my sister. Also I love to eat a lot and don’t like diets just like Bad Kitty. She really hates diets since she doesn’t get to eat all her favorite foods.

If you like Bad Kitty books like I do, then get down to Indigo and by yourself them Bad Kitty books.

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Out Of My Mind!!!

This book is a book I have been reading in class that I find is really interesting and I`d like to share it with you on my blog. It`s about a girl named Melody who has cerebral palsy which is a disease that she was diagnose with. Because of it she can`t walk, feed herself or talk but soon that will change. She is 11 years old and is the smartest kid in her school but no one knows that but her. She a really good memory and has a lot to say but can`t.

Trying to imagine myself in Melody’s shoes is really hard. To imagine not being able to talk or walk is really like if you were never even born.  Holding in that you could never be able to tell your parents that you love them because you can`t talk. That would be extremely painful for me to not be able to do.

The way people treat Melody is extremely rude and mean. They think because she can`t talk or move she`s stupid or that since they think that she can`t understand them they can call her stupid and it wouldn`t hurt her feelings well she can understand them cu wit perfectly. Imagine someone looked at you weirdly like you were ugly or dumb because you were in a wheel chare or were sick and couldn`t talk or were not like them! Try to imagine that. Because that’s the way they`re treating Melody. 

I think that all the kids or people in the world who are sick or have a disease or diagnose with something should be treated the exact same way as someone who is in great shape and healthy. Everyone should be treated the exact same way. I don`t think that no one is better than someone who is sick.

But soon that will all change for Melody!

Melody is going to surprise them!

This book will surprise you in different ways and you will like it.

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Whales And Dolphins

Whales and Dolphins is a book that I got from the library at my school that I’m reading. I took this book because I love {Whales and Dolphins} plus I like to look at the pictures. Especially the pictures that have photos of mother Whales or Dolphins with their baby.

In the book it also talks about Sea Lions and Seals. My favorite sea animals in the book are Seals, Sea Lions, Dolphins, Orcas, Blue Whales and Belugas. What would be your favorite under water animal?

I learned a lot of new things but most of it I already knew. One of the things I learned was that Sperm Whales can live for 70 years. The second thing I learned is that a whale’s skin feels as smooth and rubbery as a hard-boiled egg. This is a great book for animal lovers like me.

Afghanistan And The Breadwinner

hopeIn the Breadwinner book that I’m reading it is talking about war in Afghanistan that is happening right now. In Afghanistan there is a horrible government who are called the Taliban and they’ve taken over parts of Afghanistan. Kabul is a place in Afghanistan that has been taken over by the Taliban. When the Taliban took over Kabul they made rules that you half to respect or the Taliban will kill you or put you in prison.

Some of the rules that I know about so far is that boys and girls are not allowed to go to school. Also women and girls are not allowed to go outside because the Continue reading

Belugas Underwater

beluga_premier_gov_ru-3If I was able to save an endangered animal it would be Belugas. Why you ask me because BELUGAS are one of my favorite Underwater animal and I want them to live forever with out being endangered.

 If I had enough money I’d make a rule that you’re not allowed to throw trash in the Ocean or on the ground.

One of the reasons why Belugas are dying is because use humans are polluting the water. When we pollute the water fish die and Belugas can get stuck in a garbage bag or they can get really sick and die.

So I suggest that we be a little more carful of what were throwing on the ground or in the water. Please!!!

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Home Is A Prison

the-breadwinner-by-deborah-ellisIn this book that my class and I are reading which is called The Breadwinner! Their is this little girl named Parvana who lives in Afghanistan with her family.

In Afghanistan girls and boys are not allowed to go to school. The women and girls are not allowed to leave there homes. But Parvana is allowed because her dad needs her to walk but the rest of the family has to stay inside.

Only men are allowed to go outside.

Imagine you were not allowed to leave your house even if you needed to get food for your family!

If I wasn’t allowed to leave my house I would go really nuts. Mostly because I spend half of my life outside and just imagining not being able to leave the house would be torture to me. Why? because then I wouldn’t be able to go to Ringuette or see my family that lives in Montreal. ”So that’s why it`s horrible for me”, so imagine that for the main character Parvana and her family.

How about you? Would you be ok with not being able to leave your home?


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The Perfect Imaginary Day

uganda_murchison-falls-rhinosThis morning is going to be the best morning ever and the best day ever. Why, because for breakfast I’d make Egos with butter and syrup on them. Why, because I love to eat Egos in the morning especially the strawberry ones.


After I’d go to the Animal Shelter and help out. I’d give them money to help the animals with no family or that are sick. Then I’d feed them and wash them so they will have a little love. Before I’d leave I would give them all a little treat, so they are all still happy when I leave. Continue reading